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Zapier Integration Demo

Zapier Integration Demo

Welcome to your Zapier Integration Demo.

With Zapier Integration, you can send results to over 700 different websites and services. What if you wanted to have a spreadsheet of all your students who have taken the quiz? With Zapier Integration, you can send the results to a Google Spreadsheet. You can add the quiz or survey taker to your mailing lists in Aweber, Get Response, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and more. You can create a Trello card every time a user takes the quiz with their results on the card. The possibilities are endless!

Month of May has how many days?
Boiling point of water is?
Natural Satellite of Planet Earth?
9-7=? (Correct answer giver 10 points)
42+24=? (Correct answer gives 10 points)

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