General Quiz Leaderboard

Let’s see if you made it to the list. This is a dummy page created to land your users as per your quiz responses. You can customise this page as per your needs, edit your texts and give a special touch to your leaderboard

Let’s have a look at the leaderboard:

Top Rankers

RankUserCorrect ScoreTime TakenAmount Correct
1AVC100 13 sec 3
2adri100 14 sec 3
3adri100 15 sec 3
4gdfgdfgdfgdf100 15 sec 3
5100 17 sec 3
6Marina100 18 sec 3
7100 21 sec 3
8md100 21 sec 3
9Yash100 41 sec 3
10Trt100 1 min 8 sec 3

Top 5 Ranker Chart

  • Yash - Scored 100 % - in 41 sec
  • AVC - Scored 100 % - in 13 sec
  • Marina - Scored 100 % - in 18 sec
  • - Scored 100 % - in 21 sec
  • - Scored 100 % - in 17 sec

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